Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucille Elizabeth Berres

Great Aunt Lucille

Lucille Elizabeth Berres was born in Lakeville, Minnesota on March 15, 1910.  She was the youngest child and only daughter of Mathias Baltes Berres and Susan Tabaka.   In the Federal Census for 1910, Lucille was counted along with her brothers, Charlie, Frankie and Ralph, and mother Susan.  Her father, Matt, was listed as a harness maker.  Also in their home was fellow harness maker and boarder, Frank A Simones, age 22, and another boarder, Robert Shen who's occupation was listed as butcher.  I believe that Frank was the son of Nicholas Simones and Margaret Berres, Matt's oldest sister.

By 1920, Matt Berres' occupation was listed as a coal dealer and this family of six lived on Walnut Street.   By April 8, 1930, when the next census was taken, Charlie had married Philomeana M Hauer and they had two children, Rose Mary and Vincent.  Frank had married Isabel Veronica McMahon, and they were living in a boarding house, 309 2nd Avenue So., in South St. Paul, with Isabel's older brother John, who was a widower with 2 young daughters, age 3 and 7.

Matt now ran an farm implement dealership.  Matt and Susie, as she was listed, had two children still at home.   Ralph, age 22, was listed as the proprietor of an oil station.  But by June of that same year, Ralph left the family home when he married Isabelle Tossey. 

And the focus of our story, Lucille was 20 years old and ran her own beauty shop out of the back of the house.  Lucille found love in the arms of a tall Norwegian named Carl Calvin Christensen.  He was born in Minnesota, the son of Carl H Christensen and Almaria L Lafavor.

Lucille and Carl got married on June 10, 1931 in New Market, Minnesota.  Members of their wedding party are pictured below.  Top left is Al Klotz, Carl Christensen is in the middle and Frank Berres is on the right.  The girls are Catherine Christensen, Lucille Berres Christensen, center and Loretta Tabaka on the right.  Down front, in her role as flower girl, is Lucille's neice, 5 year old, Rose Mary Berres.

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  1. I have a photograph of my ancestors, the Dimmers. It is a family portrait. I'm afraid I don't know the date, but on it is written "John Berres, Lakeville, Minn." I wonder if this is John the widower of which you speak.