Thursday, September 29, 2011

Glenwood City, WI

Yesterday we took a side trip to Glenwood City, WI to see St. John's Cemetery. It is located high up the hill on the old cow pasture of Peter Goossens' farm. I would like to say in the far back northwest corner of this cemetery was the markers for the Goossens family, but truthfully, I have no idea which direction I was looking. Judging by the photos, I'll stick with this corner.
    There are four small square stones or markers laid out with the letter G on them.  I would suppose this was to mark the area which the family wanted for their plots as it does overlook the farmhouse and barn down below. 
There is a large marker located at the back of the grounds with the Goossens name on it, but it was put into place years after the original headstones were laid. 

 Although the stone does not say Peter Goossens on it, the placement is right and the dates listed are correct for Peter Goossens, born 29 February 1860 in Belgium and died 30 April, 1931.  His wife, Sadie was born 10 June 1866, also in Belgium and died 03 June 1925.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and I also found a stone for a child I did not know was born to Peter and Sadie.  There was Frank, born 1898 and died 1899, before the 1900 census. 

This is why one visits the burial grounds of their ancestors.  There were others buried there but I'll leave those for another day and another story.

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