Wednesday, August 17, 2011

John F Berres Comes to Wisconsin

At last report, John F. Berres and family left Germany in 1847.  They settled down in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, where daughter Anna Maria was born on March 25, 1848.  For all of us mothers, that meant that not only did Christina uproot from all was familiar, take seven children to a strange, new land, but also would be in the first few months of a new pregnancy.  Now that is a pioneer spirit!  Two years later another daughter would join the family, Susanna, born February 13, 1850. 

Within 10 years time, according to the 1860's census, John and Christina would have three children at home, Casper, Anna and Susanna. 

Mathias, the oldest, had gotten married in November, 1852 to Elizabeth Hammes.  By 1860 they had 4 children, three of whom were still living, John, Margaret and Jacob.  Nicholas, next in line after Mathias, also had gotten married, to Elizabeth's sister Catherine the same year, 1852.  They had 3 sons, John, Herbert, and Nicklaus.  Brother John married a girl whose family also came over and settled in Wisconsin, Catherine Rodermund on September 8, 1852.  They had one daughter, Maria and two sons, Thomas and Peter by 1860.

Also out on his own was brother Thomas.  He had gotten married in 1856 to Anna Marie Bendel and they was 1 daughter, Elizabeth Berres.  1852 was a popular year as sister, Margaret also got married to Nicholas Schmitz.  This would be four weddings in one year!   By 1860 they also had 4 youngsters running around, Philip, Nicholas Mathias and Margaret.

Brother Peter was 22, not married, but not listed as at home with his folks, John and Christina.   I need to keep looking for his place of residence for that year. 

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