Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gooseberries - And So We Start

I've had such fun writing about my family tree that today I will embark on writing about my husband's, Mark, side of the family.  This blog will follow the Goossens and the Berres family lines, and hence the name "Gooseberries".  Back in 1982, Fr. Peregrin Berres (1930-1999) compiled THE BERRES FAMILY CIRCLE, a multi-sheet extravaganza with many circles and families and names.  It also contained interesting side notes and letters, which I hope to include here.  But of most interest is the personal note he wrote about why he undertook this task.  He wrote, "But, the names and dates and places are just a beginning of the story that THE BERRES FAMILY CIRCLE contains.  Each person in the family has a unique story to tell.  Everyone of us has stories to learn, to cherish and to pass on.  There is much to share.  Cousins will ask their grandmothers, 'Tell us your story.'  These special stories are attached to family traditions.  Their memory brings special moments to savor.  Favorite recipes and foods, special chairs or books, favorite things to do, places to go and see.  Each family has special ways of celebrating Christmas and birthdays.  Favorite stories about traditional gifts for special occasions that bring families together.  Stories, gifts, rituals and traditions are like 'old family reunions' even when everyone can't be there.  The stories bring them back."

I hope that I can help continue to tell those stories and traditions.

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